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Normal it-support problems


  • High Quality
  • Good Communication
  • May take quite some time, as it's a free product. Paid orders are more priortised
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Premium installs for panels, servers etc.

5-50$ depending on project.

  • High Quality
  • Fast setup
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I manage infrastructure, and maintain it to the best performance for the customers. With 50+ servers running 24/7

The biggest YouTuber in Denmark, have a Minecraft prison server. I've got the responsibility to manage the server, with a steady player base on 50+ players. On event days up to 400+ members.


I got hired as an It-supporter at from 2018-2019 left due to health issues at the time. Replied to every support ticket that came in, within the game and VPS/dedi area. Great company, and is one of the leading within hosting's services in Denmark.

Mads Iversen#1510